The Importance of Wetpour Maintenance

Wetpour Maintenance

Wetpour Maintenance is essential to ensure that your safety surface is able to perform its best on a consistent basis. It helps to keep it clean which in turn prevents the build up of organic growth and makes it safe for children to use.

We have carried out many different types of Wetpour Maintenance over the years and our team has worked with a variety of schools, parks and play organisations to provide this type of surface. It is one of the more expensive types of playground surfacing however it is extremely durable and long-lasting and offers a safer option than traditional wooden playground flooring or hard plastic tiles which can become slippery with rainwater or dirt.

Spotting Signs of Wear and Tear: When to Schedule Wetpour Repairs

One of the most important aspects of Wetpour Maintenance is ensuring that the surface is always clear of organic debris such as leaves, pine needles, twigs and other detritus which can cause a build-up of algae moss and fungus on the rubberized surfaces. This is because it inhibits the drainage of the soft play surface which in turn can cause moisture to be held within the surface which could lead to expansion and damage during cold weather conditions.

This can be prevented by completing regular cleaning of the surface with hot water and a mild detergent or if the surfaces is heavily soiled we can also carry out a chemical treatment to remove any unwanted growth. It is important to not damage the surface by scouring the area or using heavy scrapers as this can mark and potentially damage the system. Our trained contractors can carry out this work with the correct technique to minimize any potential problems.