Spray Foam Insulation in Panama City

For metal building insulation, a well-insulated home can mean lower cooling costs and better living conditions. The Environmental Protection Agency reports that about 56% of a home’s energy goes to heating and cooling, so properly functioning insulation can significantly reduce bills and help homeowners keep their homes comfortable.

Common Myths About Spray Foam Insulation Debunked

Spray foam is an effective insulator because it is applied as a liquid, then expands to fill gaps and crevices. A professional installer can seal areas quickly and thoroughly, ensuring there are no holes or other issues where air can leak in or out of the home. The installation process is also quicker and cleaner than a DIY project because spray insulation is easy to cut and shape, eliminating the need for drywall or other costly repairs.

The type of spray foam used in a house can make a difference in performance. Open-cell spray foam is softer and more flexible than closed cell spray foam, which is a harder material. In addition, open-cell spray foam is not toxic or irritant, which can be important for families with young children and pets.

The type of attic insulation used in a home can also make a difference in how much it reduces cooling costs. A radiant barrier, which is often installed by insulation contractors, can help cut cooling bills by reducing heat gain in the summer and trapping warm air in the winter. The reflective properties of a radiant barrier can save homeowners hundreds on their energy bills year after year.

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