South American Avian Species

South American Avian Species

There are many South American Avian Species. Some are quite large and have beautiful colors. Some are very intelligent and make excellent pets if properly cared for. These birds also live in a variety of habitats. Some are found in deserts, while others live in rainforests.

Some of these species are migratory. This can be very important to the health of a species and how it can adapt to changing conditions. The bare-throated bellbird is one example of a bird that migrates within the tropics. This bird breeds in southeastern Brazil and then migrates northward into southwestern Argentina. It has been declining due to loss of its rainforest habitat.

South American Avian Species: A Biodiversity Hotspot for Bird Enthusiasts

Other migratory species that are found in South America include the rufous-collared sparrow and the snail kite. The rufous-collared sparrow is a synanthropic bird that enjoys living near humans. It can be found in a variety of habitats, including farmland, scrublands, and urban areas. This bird also eats seeds, but it is very interested in insects. It has even been known to pluck termites from spiderwebs.

The striped tanager is a very colorful bird. It is a fairly large bird that lives in tropical forests. It has an orange and black bill that is very long and has a blue stripe at the base. This bird is often seen in pairs, as it is a monogamous species. This bird also has a unique call, which sounds like a high-pitched trill.