Mast Climbing Training

Mast climbing is a modern alternative to scaffolding for workers who are tasked with reaching elevated areas of your building’s exterior. The equipment is known to help reduce musculoskeletal injuries and increases productivity at a construction site. With a small base footprint, mast climbers are easy to maneuver and can be adjusted to a variety of working heights. The equipment also features a built-in guardrail system that travels with the work platform, eliminating fall hazards and increasing safety.Go here :

Despite the many benefits of the mast climber, the equipment can still pose safety risks when it is used improperly. UCEL, Inc offers industry-leading training to ensure workers can erect and operate the equipment properly. Our trainers are experts on the specific equipment and have experience teaching others how to use it. To be certified as a Mast Climber Erector/Dismantler, employees must pass an OSHA 500 course, complete the manufacturer’s user and erection/dismantling certifications, and have at least five years of documented work experience with the specific mast climber model.

Safety First: Best Practices for Mast Climbing Operations

While a bosun’s chair is the traditional method for climbing a mast at sea, newer methods are becoming more popular. Using a harness, tethering to the bosun’s chair via an adjustable lanyard or Klemheist knot, or using a self-belay device are all ways to prevent a worker from falling during the ascent. All of these methods are considered safe and effective if the equipment is maintained and inspected regularly.