How to Decorate a Bookshelf

How to Decorate a Bookshelf?A well-styled shelf can serve as an art gallery for your favorite reads, but it can also showcase vases, table clocks, decorative boxes, greenery, framed family photos and special souvenirs. For a modern look, keep stacks of books to a minimum and let your unique decor shine with the help of streamlined vases, metal bookends and other accents that complement your design aesthetic.

Who is called an interior designer?

If you’re a fan of the clean and simple look, consider painting your shelves white to give them a neutral backdrop. This helps the colors of your books stand out, and it’s a great option if you have a large collection with lots of different spine colors.

When it comes to arranging and styling bookshelves, there are no hard-and-fast rules — just find a look that works for you. Some people prefer rows of color-coordinated books, while others like to group them by author or genre. Either way, it’s important to create a story or balance on each shelf so that the eye is drawn from one end to the other.

When in doubt, start with the larger pieces and work your way down to the smaller items. As a general rule of thumb, try to group objects in odd numbers (e.g. three or five) because even numbers can look a bit symmetrical and overly planned. Finally, add touches of texture to your shelving by including wood and organic items such as woven baskets and bowls.