How to Choose an Industrial Canopy That Suits Your Needs

The right industrial canopy can improve working conditions, help staff stay healthier and more productive – so you can meet deadlines and surpass customer expectations. But the best way to choose a canopy that suits your needs is to understand what you want it to do.

Do you need a place to shelter trucks, vans and trailers for loading/unloading or temporary storage, or a covered area to repair vehicles? Lauralu canopies are designed for these types of requirements and can be built on tarmac, car parks, gravel and even existing concrete. They are easy to install, take just three or four days and can be rented or bought on either a short-term or permanent basis.

Industrial Canopy Solutions: Enhancing Work Environments

Metal building entrance canopies keep workers sheltered from outside elements like rain and snow at commercial sites or in institutions such as schools and hospitals. They can also provide critical protection for loading docks that receive daily shipments of supplies.

Canopies can be installed as a single unit or as an overlay system attached to existing framing. The latter is great for retrofitting to buildings and is available in both straight and curved lengths. They can be configured to accept a wide variety of glazing and roofing choices including glass, polycarbonate and standing seam roof panels in different colours that produce different LT% (light transmission). Popular choices include opal which provides a LT% of 29-38% or clear panels which offer approximately 35-58% LT%. All of these options are backed by a high level of engineering, fabrication and testing to ensure optimal performance.