Find a Loft Insulation Installer Near Me

loft insulation installer near me

Loft insulation installer near me is an excellent way to help improve the energy efficiency of your home, reducing heating bills and carbon footprint. In many instances the cost of insulation can be recouped in savings within just a few years, and it can significantly raise your property value too.

While DIY insulation kits can be a viable option for some homes, it’s best to employ a professional contractor to carry out the work. These experts can assess your loft space and advise on the minimum required depth of insulation, ensuring that government regulations are met. They can also install loose-fill and blanket insulation, and can use protective clothing and equipment for safety.

Insulate with Confidence: Finding Trustworthy Insulation Providers Nearby

Before insulation can be installed, the loft should be cleared of any debris and a soffit vent must be opened to ensure ventilation. A working platform will need to be built for safe access, and if there are any damaged joists they should be repaired. It’s also vital to seal any gaps and holes, and consider lagging pipes and water tanks to prevent them from freezing.

In most cases, the installation of new insulation can be carried out at no extra cost to the homeowner if they qualify for a grant. This is typically available to low-income families, disabled people and those over the age of 60. To find out if you’re eligible, sign up to Snugg and enter some basic details about your property. A contractor will then contact you to arrange an assessment appointment.