Diesel Performance Modifications – How to Make Your Pickup More Powerful and Get Better Fuel Mileage

In the past there never really was a question as to which species was better for performance but with gas prices rising diesels have gained in popularity over the last decade or so and with good reason. Many diesel pickup owners are looking for ways to make their trucks more powerful and get better fuel mileage. They have found that there are several performance upgrades that can be done to their diesel pickups that will achieve these goals without sacrificing drive-ability. These upgrades include things such as diesel chips, cold air intakes and exhaust systems. Find out willysworkshop.com.au

Diesel Performance

In order to modify a gas engine for more power it would be necessary to install a different camshaft, bore out the cylinders to increase displacement and install high compression pistons and heads. On the other hand a diesel engine can be modified with things like a diesel chip, a cold air intake and an improved exhaust system that will give a huge increase in power and horsepower without compromising drive-ability or requiring expensive parts such as new heads and pistons.

Fuel Efficiency and Power: Balancing Act in Diesel Performance Tuning

The most popular diesel performance products are diesel chips, cold air intakes and an improved exhaust system. A diesel chip increases the amount of horsepower and torque that a diesel truck produces by changing the way it controls the engine. The diesel performance module allows more air to be pumped into the combustion chamber and it also allows more fuel to be injected at a faster rate. It also changes the timing of when the injection is released, which can create a dramatic increase in power and fuel economy.