Types of Boat Lifts

If you love to spend time out on the water, a boat lift is an essential piece of equipment that can make it easier and safer for you to store your watercraft when you’re not using it. Having your boat elevated above the water prevents it from getting rocked against the dock or another structure and helps to protect your vessel from weather damage, dirt/algae build-up, and more. Read more: lotolift.com

Simplifying Docking: Benefits of Installing a Boat Lift

There are various types of boat lifts available to fit your needs. You’ll want to take into consideration the load weight and beam size of your boat as well as the location where you plan to use your lift. Rough water locations, soil firmness, wave/wake conditions and slip spacing can all affect your choice of lift type.

A 4-post conventional lift is a great option for locations with rough weather. This style is very durable and doesn’t rely on a pier or sea wall to keep it in place. If you’re looking for a more heavy-duty lift, some can be equipped with 6-8 posts to support even the largest boats.

Floating boat lifts are a great choice for locations with limited space or for boats that can’t be placed on a sea wall. These lifts float on the water next to your dock and can be adjusted to meet different height requirements. They also work well in deeper waters where standard lifts may not be able to reach the water level.