Best Investment Apps in the UK

There are a wide range of best investment apps UK apps to choose from. Some are robo-advisors and others allow you to trade directly. These apps have low fees, easy interfaces and a variety of investment choices. However, the best investment app for you depends on your goals, level of experience, and risk tolerance. You should also consider the cost of any additional services such as withdrawal fees, account maintenance charges or trading commissions.

Investors are increasingly turning to investment apps for easy and affordable access to a diverse range of investments. These apps allow investors to buy and sell shares, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and investment trusts on their smartphone or tablet. They can be accessed on iOS and Android devices and are a popular choice with young people who want to start investing their spare change.

Empowering Your Finances: A Guide to the Leading Investment Apps Tailored for the UK

Some of the best investment apps in the UK offer a simple and cost-effective way to invest, with no minimum deposit requirement. For example, Plum offers a low-cost service where users set up a direct debit and the app invests their spare change for them. It offers ready-made portfolios based on their investment goals and risk tolerance, with options for cautious, balanced and adventurous. It is regulated by the FCA and provides educational resources to support its users.

Other investment apps, such as AJ Bell, have a comprehensive offering that includes share trading and ISAs, along with CFDs on stocks, indices, ETFs and commodities. Its flat-fee structure makes it an attractive choice for large investors and its track record of compliance with regulatory standards, with Investor Protection up to PS85,000, is another reason why many investors prefer AJ Bell.