Providing a Nationwide Resin Flooring Installation Service

nationwide resin flooring installation

We offer a full nationwide service, surveying, designing, and manufacturing nationwide resin flooring installation solutions, incorporating effective slip-prevention products. We install in-situ and prefabricated systems incorporating synthetic and cementitious resins with a wide range of aggregates. Our floors are ideal for improving hygiene standards, increasing safety, enhancing the environment, creating color-coded areas and providing chemical, oil and acid resistance.

When it comes to flooring materials, few are as tough or durable as resin floors. Designed for maximum longevity and user maintenance, they come in a vast range of colors, are easy to clean, have superior traction, and help to reduce fire risks. In addition, they provide a significantly better TCO and ROI compared to many other business floor types.

Flooring Excellence Across Borders: The Appeal of Nationwide Resin Flooring Installation Services

Unlike most flooring, which is applied directly to the substrate, resin floors are made up of several layers. The system starts with a base coat that is mixed with a hardener to create a glue-like material. The hardener is then reacted with a liquid resin, which is then poured over the substrate to create a strong and long-lasting plastic layer.

During the resin installation, a primer is often used to improve the bonding and help avoid any flaws in the substrate that can cause problems down the line. A sealant is also often added after the floor has been installed to ensure it doesn’t absorb moisture or other harmful substances that could weaken the surface and impact its lifespan. Depending on the use case, various resin types are then chosen for the different layers of the flooring system, which offer varying levels of protection, durability, and visual design.