Modern Metal Staircases

modern metal staircases

Modern metal staircases are a big part of any home and it’s a space where homeowners and designers get creative when it comes to their look. Modern staircases try to push the boundaries of aesthetic and explore new sculptural forms while remaining functional and safe. Considering how a staircase is one of the major interior renovation elements, this kind of experimentation makes sense.

The majority of the time, staircases are crafted from wood or concrete, and metal is used as railings or other decorative elements. However, there are also staircases where the entire structure is constructed of steel. This is particularly common in loft conversions and storage staircases, which offer great space usage for free-standing stairs in a house.

Durable and Stylish: Exploring External Metal Staircases for British Homes

From a visual standpoint, these kinds of staircases offer a strong industrial vibe to the entire design. The steel itself is a sturdy material that looks good in a variety of different colors and finishes. The color and the shape of the stairs are a key component in how they look, as well as other details such as the balusters.

A metal staircase can look quite complex in some cases, such as this particular one, which uses a multitude of spindles that are shaped differently than the typical ones you would see on a traditional staircase. This gives it a unique and interesting look that draws attention from guests. In other cases, the staircase can look more minimalist, like this one, which has a simple design that consists of wall-mounted brackets for support and wooden treads on top.